Less than 100 days to victory

It has been an absolute honor to serve in Congress.

Even with all the negativity in Congress--from House Republicans voting to sue President Obama to the Speaker refusing to allow a vote on comprehensive immigration reform--I have still managed...



Congressmember Karen Bass

  • Photo posted on: 20th Nov, 2014
    Tonight, President Obama unveiled his executive plan that will keep millions of families together without the fear of being torn apart by deportation. Now it's time for Congress to act. Add your voice! Join me in telling Speaker Boehner that it's past time for Republicans to bring comprehensive immigration reform to a vote. Click here to sign my petition - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UB8CbMyftaxs5H7vL2hvjbtkCDylWLqxRVMD2LAN92Q/viewform View photo →

  • Photo posted on: 5th Nov, 2014
    While it was a tough night for many Democrats nationally, we were lucky to have some great news in LA. Congratulations to Los Angeles County Supervisor-Elect Sheila Kuehl! It was an honor to serve with Sheila in the California legislature, and I know that foster youth living in Los Angeles will have a strong and committed advocate working for them in Los Angeles County. Cc: Sheila Kuehl for L.A. Supervisor View photo →



  • Agree that it's time for Congressional action on immigration reform? Tell Speaker Boehner to call a vote! https://t.co/KXslqKbeiv
  • Pres Obama's executive orders are a critical first step but now congress needs to act! Add your voice to my petition: http://t.co/yWVk44TkZt


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