As Ranking Member of the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Human Rights, Karen is a prominent leader in US-Africa policy. Karen seeks to transform how we think and engage African nations, and she is focusing on promoting trade and economic growth between the U.S. and African nations.

A top priority for Karen is reauthorizing the African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA)--our country’s trade preference program with eligible African nations. Although conflict and global health challenges remain a concern and must be addressed, African nations are eager to engage the United States by working with Congress on trade opportunities.

In addition, Karen hosts regular Africa Policy Forums to provide a setting for members of Congress and representatives from diverse sectors and backgrounds to discuss critical and timely issues specific to U.S.-Africa policy.

Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth

During her first term in Congress, Karen Bass founded the Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth to provide a forum for Members of Congress to discuss and develop policy recommendations to strengthen the child welfare system and improve the well-being of families.

Under Karen’s leadership, the the caucus has Democrats and Republicans from across the country and works on bipartisan legislation that aims to improve the lives of foster youth and families. In addition to listening tours across the country, briefings and hearings, the caucus also hosts a Congressional Foster Youth Shadow Day. During this day, foster youth from across the country spend the day shadowing and learning from their Member of Congress. (PHOTO)



Intellectual Property

Karen sits on the House Judiciary Committee, where she has direct say over laws that protect our entertainment industry. Karen wants to ensure that Los Angeles stays the world’s entertainment capital, and she is working to protect our nation’s film and music industries.

Karen supports the federal Film Tax Credit as well as efforts to have tougher enforcement of the Anti-Camcording Law. Karen also knows that our music industry brings $125 billion to our nation’s economy, and to protect musicians and those who work for them and represent them she supports stiff penalties against those who illegally download music, and she is working to stop illegal cyberlockers.

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