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  • My name is Damon Houston and I am being harassed by a man who use to be my neighbor. His name is Armando Aguilar who lives:

    2745 N Orange Olive Rd. Apt C.

    Orange, Ca 92865

    Now he uses V2k, electronic harassment, and he harasses me while his son calls me racial names. I am a African American man who is going to attend CSULB in the following year. I need someone to listen to my story. We can catch a Terrorist. This issue needs to be address and I’m tired of being harassed and tortured by a man who calls himself a father. Every weekend his friends/ associates come over to Salina Hernandez apartment in Orange and truly violate my privacy. They think it’s a game. I want my freedom. Armando’s family chimes in and start taunting as if I have no rights. Armando Aguilar is mainly at fault here. Do you want to catch Terrorist! I have licences plate numbers
  • In a continuation of the ongoing police scandals rocking the country, 28-year-old Latoya Smith has been pronounced dead following an incident this afternoon in Atlanta, according to multiple local media outlets. This closely follows the recent shooting deaths of Tulsa resident Terence Crutcher and Charlotte resident Keith Lamont Scott which have thrown the nation into turmoil resulting in violent demonstrations.

    According to eyewitness accounts, Latoya was sitting on a bench in the neighborhood of Marietta Street (recently named one of America’s 25 most dangerous neighborhoods) waiting for the bus when her infant child began crying insistently. Knowing that her baby was hungry Ms. Smith began to breastfeed her daughter, Layla. She was then approached by a police officer, later identified as Michael Eaton, who requested that she stop feeding the baby in public as it was “indecent”. Ms. Smith refused to comply with the directive and told Officer Eaton that she wasn’t doing anything illegal. Officer Eaton again insisted that she stop and threatened to arrest her for indecent exposure. Ms. Smith calmly responded to the Officer that he could not arrest her because breastfeeding in public wasn’t against the law.

    “He got so mad at her”, said Tyrone Webb, who witnessed the unfortunate altercation. “He started yelling at her, saying that he was the police, and that she didn’t know s**t about what was against the law. He got all red in the face, pointing his finger right at her nose. She just sat there and kept feeding the baby calm as could be, being real polite and reasonable. Someone else tried to chime in and tell him he was wrong and he told the lady to shut up and mind her business.”

    As the argument transpired the bus approached and Ms. Smith stood up and moved Layla to her other arm, momentarily exposing her whole breast to the Officer and other onlookers. Ms Smith then clipped her breastfeeding bra shut and went to get on the bus with her baby.

    Sandra Parker, another witness to the incident, described what followed next: “He screamed at her to stop and told her that she was under arrest. When she ignored him and kept walking toward the bus he grabbed her by the back collar of her shirt and violently yanked her backwards. The poor baby just toppled out of her hands. She hit the ground and the poor little thing just started bleeding from her head. At that point, Latoya became extremely upset and the officer was clearly taken aback. She moved forward aggressively when he pulled out his gun and shot her twice, right there on the street. It was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen!”

    Onlookers grabbed the injured baby and attempted to staunch the flow of blood from her split head. Officer Eaton is reported to have made the statement to the crowd that “it was an accident but you can’t resist arrest”. Layla was transported to Marietta Central Hospital.

    Officer Eaton has been placed on paid leave pending a full investigation. The police department has issued a statement expressing their concern regarding this “unfortunate” event and states that all citizens must comply with orders to submit to arrest peacefully so that accidental injuries can be avoided.

    Local community leader and Smith family friend Harold Jackson has called for the arrest of Officer Eaton on charges of murder, calling his actions a travesty of justice. The smith family has not yet commented on the death of their daughter.


    Georgia Code – Health – Title 31, Section 31-1-9

    The breast-feeding of a baby is an important and basic act of nurture which should be encouraged in the interests of maternal and child health. A mother may breast-feed her baby in any location where the mother and baby are otherwise authorized to be.


    Georgia Code – Labor and Industrial Relations – Title 34, Section 34-1-6

    (a) As used in this Code section, the term ’employer’ means any person or entity that employs one or more employees and shall include the state and its political subdivisions.

    (b) An employer may provide reasonable unpaid break time each day to an employee who needs to express breast milk for her infant child. The employer may make reasonable efforts to provide a room or other location (in close proximity to the work area), other than a toilet stall, where the employee can express her milk in privacy. The break time shall, if possible, run concurrently with any break time already provided to the employee. An employer is not required to provide break time under this Code section if to do so would unduly disrupt the operations of the employer.
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  • Congresswoman Bass is the first person I sought advice as I was contemplating running for office. She gave me sound advice I am now putting in action. I have been a community college professor for 30 years and I believe it is time for educators to help set education policy. I thank the Congresswoman for her positive words of encouragement. I am now seeking her formal endorsement. Sincerely Yolanda Toure

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