Freedom of Information

Stand with Karen and tell the Trump Administration: I demand a transparent, accountable government and equal, unmonitored access to the internet.

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  • I’m a local news publisher and have been appalled at the Trump administration’s abuse and denigration of the free press. This is one of the most important issues facing our society at the moment.
  • This is yet another power play for the big technology companies to control the internet and get more money from us. Maybe the government should charge the hell out of the big tech companies for using so much bandwidth and hijacking our private information.
  • Martin Rubin
  • Chris Macy
  • Please continue to be tough and unrelenting on these matters that hit at the heart of the lives of working class people and the heart of our democracy.
  • Crush Trump and his hacks.
  • Dana Penoff
  • jacqueline joy wells
  • I want unmonitored access to the internet
  • Frank Nelms
  • Net neutrality is essential for a free and fair marketplace as well as free flow of information essential to a true democracy.
  • Eisha Mason
  • Lying flat on my back 24/7/365 I need the internet to keep informed.
  • Freedom to access the internet is a neccessity in education to expose students to information. Information can not be held for hostage.
  • Trump needs to fallow the LAW of the Land!

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