GOP Tax Scam

This week the GOP is trying to jam through a tax plan that's a gift to major corporations and the super-wealthy -- and it's going to come at the expense of middle class and low-income families. Karen's joining others on Capitol Hill to fight this. Will you stand with them and let the GOP know you're outraged by their tax scam? If so, add your name below.

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  • The GOP Tax Bill can not go into effect! It will devastate families and our national economy while only serving corporations and the wealthy. Shameful piece of legislation paid for by corporate donors.
  • Please consider the large corporations do not have a mandate to reinvest tax savings or distribute the tax savings in any way. They get a 40% discount on taxes for ever and have no incentive to distribute that savings or pass it along to their employees, customers or community.

    This will have the greatest impact to the net income of corporations, and leave the families in a largely unchanged tax position that will move toward unfavorable in 8 years. Is there a way to have the same temporal tax cut for corporations and citizens alike?
  • Nissan B Thomas
  • As a Tax Preparer for over 35 years, I follow proposed tax law, and this is not a good bill. For most individuals, some will benefit slightly, others will pay more. It really depends on the individual. The true benefit is for the most profitable corporations, but there is no incentive to hire more employees as advertised. Experts are predicting the main result of companies flush with cash will be to buyout other companies. That often results in FEWER jobs.
  • Wena Dows
  • Don’t steal from the poor to give to the rich. Defend democracy, fairness & economic justice. Defeat this so called tax bill.
  • Nancy Rosenblum
  • tammy bullock
  • We will prevail against this evil tide. On to victory!
  • As representatives of the American people, you have an obligation to do what is for the highest good of all concerned. This new tax reform will not be doing that, but instead, the rich get richer and the less fortunate kids and families will suffer. DO NOT PASS THIS BILL!

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