Intellectual Property

One of the reasons why Los Angeles is a world-class city is because of the incredibly creative people who live and work here. Karen is proud to represent many of the businesses and employees who entertain the world.

Unfortunately, people illegally downloading music and movies not only hurts artists, it hurts our nation’s economy. Piracy takes an estimated $20 billion annually from the U.S. economy and costs tens of thousands of jobs.

Karen sits on the House Judiciary Committee, where she has direct say over laws that protect our entertainment industry. In order to protect our film industry, Karen supports efforts to have tougher enforcement of the Anti-Camcording Law. People who sneak into theaters to record films not only are passing on a poor quality copy of movies to customers, but they are taking money directly out of our economy.

Karen also wants to ensure that the film industry continues to be strong in California and in the United States. While Speaker of the Assembly, Karen was a fierce advocate for the California Film Tax Credit, and now serving in Congress Karen is a strong supporter of the federal Film Tax Credit. These credits ensures that our community and our nation stays competitive in keeping movie production here--benefiting both local economies and our country.

Karen is also standing up for Los Angeles’ thriving music industry, and we need to support our musicians with laws that protect the years of investment that they have committed to their creativity. Our music industry not only fuels our nations dance floors, but it is also a $125 billion industry. To protect our music industry she supports stiff penalties against those who illegally download music, and she is working to stop illegal cyberlockers.

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