Protect Progress, Say No to Trump's Personal Vendetta

Since his election, Trump’s obsession with erasing President Obama's legacy has grown. Last week the Trump Administration announced they were pulling or suspending 860 pending protections, many of which were put in place by the Obama Administration. Join us in telling the administration that this personal vendetta of Trump’s cannot be carried out at the expense of average residents like us.

Add your name if you'll stand with us to protect the progress made during the Obama administration.

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  • What Trump and other small mind people do not understand is that what a person has done and where he or she has been, i.e. Obama, can never be erased because history cannot be unmade. Trump time in The People White House is limited. He is a sad excuse for a leader
  • Reducing protections is very true and it shows Trumps contempt for ordinary Americans and his total hatred

    of our first Black President. Trump is totally amoral. We can and will defeat Trump.
  • stop this man
  • Stop Trump from erasing President Obama’s legacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Get over it. Protect people.

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