Hey Trump: Hands Off Our Health Care!

If you believe we should stand up to Trump and demand improvements to healthcare -- not reductions in protections and aid -- add your name today.

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  • Lisa Nemeth Simon
  • Don Morgan
  • Thanks to Trump’s executive actions, as a self-employed woman over 50, my insurance rates, if I stay with my silver plan, will go up 25% this year! I’m already paying $7500 a year, so that’s an increase to $9375!! For coverage with a $2500 deductible that I’ve only once or twice in the last 10 years gone over and ever-increasing co-pays. I take NO prescription medications and see doctors covered by my plan only a few times a year. In addition, my insurer is cutting payments to my providers so many doctors now refuse to accept patients who are not with employer-provided insurance. This is insane.
  • B. Rodriguez
  • I am so tired of 45 acting like a dictator rather than a United States President. This is not a reality show that 45 is appearing on, but rather a real life matter that will destroy so many lives. We must stop 45 in his tracks and protect our health care system that provides for everyday working and non-working people.
  • Keith Morris
  • anita simons
  • Chris Macy
  • Peter Leighton
  • Enough! Hands off our healthcRe.
  • tammy bullock
  • Louise Cook
  • Trump is killing the American people. If the working people die, there will be no tax base for the country to operate

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