Protecting Protesters

We're demanding that the Justice Department commit to protecting protesters who are peacefully demonstrating against injustices in our country, and to stop using "Black Identity Extremists," an inaccurate phrase that targets Black Lives Matter and other social justice groups. Stand with us and add your name below!

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  • Keith Lopez Jackson
  • Janet L Lambert
  • Mesfin Hailu
  • Black lives do matter. The country should be ashamed that a group has had to be formed to say just that half a century after the Civil Rights movement started moving laws but apparently not behavior and structural racism. Freedom of speech that is positive and constructive is what we should all be after and listening to hear what is being said. I’m White and so automatically privileged as a result, but am proud to stand with my Black brothers and sisters against racism and for truly equal treatment of Blacks and others (e.g., Native Americans) who have been mistreated, abused, and not listened to when they speak out. This has got to stop. Yesterday.
  • Smells like Facism!
  • jacqueline joy wells
  • Linda Rochon
  • Awesome job calling out Sessions on his deplorable racism and ignorance.
  • Thank you for standing strong with all people Karen!!!
  • What Jeff Session is doing is outrageous and racist! This is a repeat of J Edgar Hoover’s CoinPro racist Intel crackdown on the Black Panther party movement and the Native American civil rights movement! If he isn’t stopped, the same tragedies will occur here as well!

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