Reauthorize CHIP

Add your name today and demand that the GOP focus on funding the Children's Health Insurance Program before the December recess.

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  • Please protect the health care of our children!
  • Jonathan L Fields
  • Joyce Guinyard
  • Annunziata van Voorene
  • Hasanna Fletcher
  • Children deserve health care—it is important to fund CHIP. Not funding CHIP is heartless, immoral, and despicable.
  • We (PICO National Network/San Diego Organizing Project worked on SCHIP back in 2006 I believe where we took hundreds to DC to meet with all members of Congress, both parties, in addition to Administration Staff and HHSA in DC. Snow got me sick but I lived it through with Bishop McKinney, Bishop Dixon, Kevin Malone, Stephanie Gut, Scott and George Mc Cummings, supporting SCHIP and went on to fight for Healthcare for ALL!

    My entire family joined our efforts :)
  • Kathryn E Flaherty
  • Children’s Health Care is crucial to our nations health.
  • jacqueline joy wells
  • If republicans are so pro-life, then funding children’s healthcare should be a no-brainer.
  • Keith Morris

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