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Our votes and our voices will make the difference. Can Karen count on you to keep speaking up? If so, please commit to being an ongoing voice and vote in our community!

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  • We are growing stronger together!
  • It’s time to Unite! We need to have our voices heard! Thanks Keren!
  • climate climate climate climate climate … if we don’t get this right, nothing else will matter.
  • Carolyn Rosenstein
  • Diana Browne
  • Dennis McCraven
  • Anita Hammerschlag I live in the 45th CD but want to keep in touch with Rep. Bass. I admire the work she does as a representative of her district and the work Rep. Bass did when she represented her district in CA. Since I am on a fixed income I will not be able to donate to Rep. Bass’ campaign fund. I am donating to Dave Min, one of the candidates in the 45th CD.
  • Trump?? Donald Trump? Isn’t that the guy whose wife had to (belatedly) tell him to put his hand on his heart during the national anthem a couple of months ago, as they stood on an airplane ramp? (Was it in Italy?)
  • Thank You

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