Social Security and Retirement

Karen believes that Social Security and Medicare are promises that the federal government need to keep to our nation’s seniors, and she continues to fight to strengthen and protect these programs to ensure that Americans who have worked the majority of their lives can retire with dignity.

In Congress, Karen has opposed attempts to reduce the budget deficit by eroding Social Security or Medicare, and she is absolutely opposed to any attempt to privatize either of these successful programs.

Karen believes that we need to protect workers’ pensions. Workers did the work, and companies need to hold up their end of the bargain. This is why she voted against a Republican proposal to allow employers to cut their pensions to their retired employees.

In addition to fighting poorly conceived ideas to privatize Social Security and Medicare, Karen supports President Obama’s plan that will enable more Americans--including part-time workers--to save for their retirement by making it easier for workers to enroll in Individual Retirement Accounts.

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