Stand With Dreamers

Karen stands with DREAMers in LA, across California, and around the country. She's committed to making this right. Will you join her?

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  • Thank you for standing up for DREAMers! They are incredibly smart and driven people who just want to peacefully contribute to this country and the world.
  • jacqueline wells
  • Janet L Lambert
  • I stand with the Dreamers!!!
  • Once promised, this should never have been rescinded. The government has to take responsibility and not change the program. Trump would think differently if his wife was part of the DACA program.
  • Wendy Gladney Dean
  • Jose Ramirez
  • No human is illegal!! Dreamers are american too!!
  • Stephanie Flood
  • Kathryn E Flaherty
  • Anthony Foster
  • Brian Salazar

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