Voters Need to Know that Rick Caruso is not being truthful about his record.

He’s says he’s a pro-choice Democrat, but the truth is he changed his registration just before he launched his campaign for Mayor.

And he has given hundreds of thousands to anti-choice Republican politicians, including Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, who led the fight to kill Roe v Wade.

And the LA Times reported that Caruso lied to voters about why he broke his promise to sexual assault survivors at USC who demanded that he make the results of the Tyndall investigation public. Instead of trying to protect survivors as he has continually claimed during the campaign, his private deposition testimony shows that he was just trying to save the reputation of USC.

The potential of Los Angeles is limitless.   

Los Angeles can be a city where all people have access to quality health care. Los Angeles can be a city where its economy — one of the most robust, intricate and complex economies in the world — can work for everyone. Los Angeles can be a city where everyone can afford housing, where everyone can be paid livable wages, and where services and resources are provided to help get folks who may have stumbled, back on their feet. 

Thirty years ago, Karen Bass saw a city in crisis and stepped up to lead. As a Los Angeles native and a health professional, she saw crime and addiction tearing families and communities apart. So she dedicated her life to helping to bring people together to found Community Coalition, one of the most impactful and respected nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles. What started with closing liquor stores, organizing youth and helping people with drug addiction turned into a thirty-year force in creating economic, education and housing opportunities, as well as violence prevention and access to healthcare.

That was only possible by bringing people together—across neighborhoods, ethnicities, generations and ages—to be part of the solution.

Today Los Angeles faces another emergency. The public health, public safety and economic crisis of homelessness has evolved into a full-blown humanitarian emergency.  40,000 people sleep on the streets of LA every night – more than in any other city in the nation.

Karen is running for Mayor because she knows that solving the crisis of homelessness means developing a comprehensive approach that addresses the immediate crisis along with the root causes: lack of affordable housing, health care, access to job opportunities and residential alcohol and drug treatment.

There are no simple answers, but Karen has the experience, values, and support to get the job done.